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Does NcFTPd just cease to work when the 30-day evaluation period expires?

It does continue to work, but gets progressively more annoying as the days pass.  There is also a grace period before the annoyances start, so really you get longer than 30 days.

Is it possible to get an extension on the 30-day evaluation?

Sorry, but there wasn’t a mechanism built-in for that purpose, so the only way to avoid expiring is to get licensed in time.  Remember, NcFTPd doesn’t just stop working after 30 days – it does continue to work, but gets progressively more annoying as the days pass.

Am I allowed to move my license to a different machine and/or operating system?

Yes.  The licensing information does not contain any information about your operating system or machine information (i.e. an IP address, MAC address, etc).  You are allowed to move your license as needed, just be sure to not have the same licensing information active on two or more machines concurrently.  In other words, disable your old installation of NcFTPd, then bring up the new installation.

Am I allowed to upgrade to new versions of NcFTPd for free?

Although we reserve the right to change this policy, currently you are entitled and encouraged to upgrade to the latest version of NcFTPd free of charge!  Just download and install the latest version, then re-apply your licensing information.

Before I purchase the unlimited-user license, I need to be sure I’m satisfied that NcFTPd will perform under a high user load.  How do I test that with the trial version?

All you need to do is set max-users in the to the number you want.  The demo version is fully-functional for 30 days, but the default value for max-users is 50.

I ordered an unlimited-user license but I still only have 50 users!

If you see the message “Sorry, this license is for up to 50 users only”, then the license key you have is a 50-user license key.  That means you either ordered the wrong item, or you received the wrong type of license key with your order.  In the latter case, contact us to get a replacement key.

However, if you do not see that message, then the probable cause is that you forgot to change max-users from 50.  If you’ve applied your license key, you also need to bump up max-users to the value you want.

Can I buy the 50-user license now and upgrade to the unlimited-user license later by paying the difference?

No, sorry!  The license information we deliver to you isn't upgradeable, so the only way to run in unlimited mode would be for us to issue a second license.

If I want 100 simultaneous users, can I buy two 50-user licenses and aggregate the license data?

No.  If you want more than 50 users, you have to buy the unlimited-user license.

I entered my licensing information but NcFTPd is still saying “unregistered!”

Double-check to be sure you entered the licensing information exactly as shown.  Other common mistakes made are: (a) applying the licensing information to the wrong (such as one of the sample templates); (b) Not restarting NcFTPd after entering the information.

If you’re not sure you modified the correct, you probably need to review the NcFTPd installation process as a whole.  In short, the you need to modify is the one used when you started up NcFTPd.  So first figure out how you’re running NcFTPd and then modify the file you specified as a command-line argument.

How do I register NcFTPd for the free educational license?

You don’t need to.  If your machine qualifies, NcFTPd will run automatically in fully-registered mode (and you don’t need to notify us).

How do I know if my machine qualifies under the free educational license?

Check the FTP connection message, i.e.:

ksh$ /usr/bin/ftp localhost
Connected to localhost.
220-localhost NcFTPd Server (free educational license) ready.

If you don’t see this message, you didn’t qualify.  NcFTPd checks the primary hostname’s domain to see if matches a list of domain suffixes.  This list is currently:

To see what NcFTPd thinks your primary hostname is, invoke NcFTPd with the –e flag, i.e.:

ksh$ ./ncftpd –e

How do I register NcFTPd for the free personal-use license?

You don’t need to notify us, but you do need to make sure you set max-users=3 (or fewer) in the since the personal-use license requires that you serve 3 or fewer simultaneous users.

My company would like to use NcFTPd, but we don’t need more than 3 simultaneous connections.  Is it OK to use the free personal license?

Sorry, the personal-use license is for, well, personal use and was not intended for commercial use.  Please have your company buy an incredibly cheap 50-user license!

Is free technical support available for the educational or personal-use license?

Yes, as long as the support load does not impact the paying customer base. Continue to contact support as you normally would.  Thank you for reading this document!  That helps keep the support load down.  

For the 50-user license, is it 50 concurrent users, or 50 users in the passwd file (or ncftpd_passwd database)?

50 concurrent users, which means the highest your license allows max-users to be set to is 50.  So, if you have 50 users logged on at any one time, when the 51st user tries to login they will be denied access.


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