ncftpd_eventd NcFTPd file configuration
Don't forget to restart NcFTPd after modifying the file.

This option is required when you have a NcFTPd event daemon you want to use to receive events. To use this option, you specify the address of your event daemon.

If you're using a UDP event daemon, then you specify the machine name and port number to send the event messages to. We suggest using the port number 9721.

If you're using a message queue event daemon, then you specify the special notation "mqueue" follwed by the message queue key (in hexadecimal). We suggest using the message queue key 0x78C0FFEE. Optional additional comma-delimited parameters are available for the message queue option: permission bits (octal mode), the queue's owner UID, group UID, and the maximum queue size.

See the additional documentation for information on how to create an event daemon.

UDP Examples:

Message Queue Examples:


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