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Due to huge amounts of unsolicited bulk e-mail to our accounts, we kindly ask that you send only to the addresses below and use one of the specified subject lines. This will help your message get through our spam filters.

To send us e-mail regarding NcFTP Client (i.e., any of the following free programs: ncftp, ncftpput, ncftpget, ncftpls, ncftpbatch, ncftpspooler, or ncftpbookmarks):

    Send to......with a subject line of:
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  • support at NcFTP Client Support
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Please note that this is a free product with no guaranteed technical support available. Your support request may not receive a reply if our staff is busy with our commercial products.

The documentation and FAQ are available for you online.

Please do not send mail to . You will be permanently black-listed if you send mail to that address.